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‘It Can Backfire’: Fans Aren’t So Sure Cameron Monaghan’s Cal Kestis Should Be On Screen

Fans are divided, with some excited and others concerned it could change Star Wars too much.

At FanExpo Vancouver earlier this month, Cameron Monaghan expressed his openness to bringing Cal Kestis to life in a live-action Star Wars film or series. However, this possibility has sparked a mix of excitement and concern among fans.

While Cal Kestis, a survivor of Order 66, has the gaming community’s favor, the transition to live-action poses challenges. On Twitter, some fans fear that an overly interconnected Star Wars universe could negatively affect the franchise’s appeal:

“Meh, I don’t think everything needs to be connected. ‘Star Wars’ isn’t Marvel. Let the game be its own thing.”

Social media reactions reflect a spectrum of opinions, from those eager to see Monaghan in the Star Wars live-action universe:

“So he won’t do unless it makes sense for the story; it can’t just be a cheap cameo. Respect.”

To those preferring Cal Kestis remains a standalone character in the game:

“I honestly would rather his story stays in the games. Let them tell a complete story with his trilogy and then give him a satisfying ending.”

One of the fans wrote, saying Monaghan may not probably have a chance to say no to the possibility:

“Pfft, yeah, right, he would show up just for a two-line cameo in an episode of something on Disney Plus. I get what he’s trying to say, but ain’t no way anyone is ever gonna turn the chance to play a live-action version of a freaking Star Wars character that THEY originated.”

You can see the tweets below.

Monaghan Thinks a Possible Role Should Continue the Story

Fans argue that while introducing Cal Kestis into live-action projects could offer fresh storytelling opportunities, there’s a risk of overcomplicating the narrative with forced cameos and interconnectivity. The key, many suggest, lies in integrating the character in a way that feels organic and justified within the larger Star Wars saga.

Monaghan’s stance is clear: any live-action portrayal of Cal Kestis must not only respect the character’s legacy but also contribute to the Star Wars storyline in a significant way. His comments come at a time when Disney+’s Star Wars series faces scrutiny over their direction and reception.

Potential appearances of Cal Kestis in series like ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ and ‘Andor Season 2’ have been discussed among fans, yet nothing concrete has materialized. With the narrative future of Cal Kestis open and the mixed reactions from the fan community, Lucasfilm has a challenge in potentially bringing this character to the screen.



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