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Josh Hutcherson Reacts To Losing ’Spider Man’ Role To Andrew Garfield

He didn’t get the part, but it seems he’s ready to join the Marvel universe now.

Eleven years after the release of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man,’ the film’s could-have-been star, Josh Hutcherson, reflected on the role that almost was. In a recent interview with Inverse, Hutchinson discussed his past audition for the role of Peter Parker, a part that ultimately went to Andrew Garfield.

Sharing his openness to joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hutcherson expressed enthusiasm about the possibility of playing Spider-Man in a multiverse cameo:

“Potentially, yeah. I was a big Spider-Man fan all my life growing up from the old-school cartoons and stuff. But yeah, I’d be open to it, man. I’d throw some webs around.”

Despite not landing the role, Hutcherson remarked on how he never learned why he was passed over for Garfield, and he humorously noted that shortly after the audition, he secured his role in ‘The Hunger Games:’

“You never find out; they just end up hiring somebody else. So, I never found out why. I also do know that three weeks or so after I auditioned, I ended up getting ‘Hunger Games,’ so it worked out.”

Hutcherson’s Audition Video Resurfaced Last Year

This interest comes in the wake of Hutcherson’s audition video resurfacing in 2023, which reignited interest in what could have been a different path for the actor. The video, which shows Hutcherson’s physicality in a stunt test, was part of his audition for the 2012 reboot directed by Marc Webb.

The idea of Hutcherson joining the MCU becomes more possible, considering the franchise’s recent explorations of the multiverse. ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ proved the MCU’s willingness to explore alternative casting possibilities. This seems like a trend that could potentially include Hutcherson in a future project.

What’s in Store for Hutchinson and Garfield?

Garfield starred in two Spider-Man films and later appeared in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ (2021). His performance earned acclaim and even inspired the naming of a new spider species, Pritha garfieldi, in his honor. Garfield’s future projects include roles in ‘Brideshead Revisited,’ ‘Hot Air,’ ‘We Live in Time,’ and ‘Voyagers.’

Hutcherson, meanwhile, continues his career in Hollywood. He has several upcoming projects, including ‘Last Ticket,’ ‘Littlemouth,’ ‘Land of Grace,’ and ‘Artist in Residence.’



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