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Kristen Stewart Refuses To Make A Marvel Movie: ‘It Sounds Like A Nightmare’

The actress says she will only join the MCU if a certain director is involved.

Kristen Stewart recently told the ‘Not Skinny But Not Fat’ podcast that she would ‘never’ play in a Marvel project. Then, she pointed out that there’s one director that could change her mind:

“It sounds like a f*cking nightmare, actually. But maybe the world changes. If Greta Gerwig asked me to do a Marvel movie, then I would do it.”

Stewart appeared in several franchises since her early career. She starred as Bella Swan in ‘The Twilight Saga’ and played Sabina Wilson in the 2019 reboot of ‘Charlie’s Angels.’ The actress shared her thoughts about big projects by saying:

“I like big movies because I like people to watch them when I’m in them. The system would have to change. … What ends up happening is this algorithmic, weird experience where you can’t feel personal at all about it.”

Gerwig Is Willing To Join Marvel

Greta Gerwig is open to making a superhero film. She told Rolling Stone last year:

“It would have to be something I had a feeling for and a relationship to. A well-shot, well-executed action movie is just incredible. It’s a dance. I’ve never done anything like that. But even in a small way, working with the stunt coordinator who did fight choreography on ‘Barbie,’ he was just fascinating. It was so fun to talk to him.”

The director released a fantasy comedy about Barbie in 2023. The film received eight nominations at the 96th Academy Awards. She now wants to go for other genres:

“There’s some movies I’d like to make that require a big canvas. At the same time, I’ve seen so many directors move between bigger movies and smaller movies: Chloé Zhao doing ‘Nomadland’ and making ‘Eternals.’ Or Steven Soderbergh, or even my weekend buddy Chris Nolan. He made the ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy – and they’re wonderful – and then made ‘The Prestige,’ which is not a tiny movie, but it is also not the same thing. I want to play in lots of different worlds. That’s the goal.”

Stewart Loves The Director’s Work

‘Barbie’ won the Oscar for Best Original Song for ‘What Was I Made For’ in early March. Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling performed the ‘I’m Just Ken’ track on stage during the ceremony.

Kristen Stewart admitted to getting ‘emotional’ during Gosling’s performance. She told the podcast:

“Best they’ve been in years, I feel. Don’t you think it was just a good show? I was, for some reason, crying and laughing while watching the Ken thing. It’s emotional, dude, watching Greta watch it. When they did the one cutaway of her and she was just, like, front-row belting and looking at the thing she helped kickstart…”

You can check out Stewart’s recent interview here and watch the Ken actor’s show below.



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