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Matthew Vaughn On Sneaking A Beatles Song Into ‘Argylle’: ‘It Was A WTF Moment’

It was a big surprise for everyone, including him.

Speaking to Collider, director Matthew Vaughn revealed his latest exploit — working a never-before-heard Beatles song into his film ‘Argylle.’

In the spoiler-filled interview, Vaughn touched upon various topics, from his future projects to the details behind the scenes of ‘Argylle.’ However, perhaps the most interesting was his recount of how a Beatles track found its way into the film’s soundtrack — an addition that Vaughn describes as a surreal ‘what the f*ck moment’:

“That was, again, a surreal ‘what the f*ck moment’ — a WTF moment, should we say. We were trying to find a love song for the movie which had both pathos and hope. I was with Giles Martin, who was helping us with other areas of the music, and I said, ‘Giles, I can’t find a song.’ And he goes, ‘What about a new Beatles song?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, a new Beatles song. How many of them do you have at the moment?’ He goes, ‘No, deadly serious. There is a new Beatles song. You can’t tell anyone. I’ll play it to you.'”

Vaughn’s initial concerns turned into excitement when the song not only fit the movie’s ambiance but also required no adjustments:

“… The pressure of hearing a new Beatles song was a weird thing. I remember Giles played it, and I was like, ‘Dude, this was like it’s been written for the movie. The lyrics. Everything.’ So he slapped it on, and we didn’t have to re-edit the song. We didn’t have to change anything. Then Lorne [Balfe] heard it, my composer, and he went, ‘I can do an orchestral version of this that will absolutely just lift the audience.’ So, hearing it, then becoming an orchestral piece, as well.”

He Was Supposed to Keep This a Secret

It appears that the director had a chance to meet Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison’s families, and John Lennon’s son Sean after discovering the song. Vaughn admitted he wasn’t even allowed to talk about this, but he can now share it with the world:

“I got to meet Sir Paul McCartney, and all the others, Ringo’s family and [George] Harrison’s, and obviously Sean Lennon, and Sean was an astonishingly bright and interesting man. And I knew about this over a year ago, and I couldn’t tell anyone. I swore to them I wouldn’t mention it. And I’m sitting there going, ‘Oh my god, I’ve got a Beatles song, and I can’t play it to anyone. I’m not allowed to talk about it.’ Now, I am allowed to talk about it. So it was an honor, and it was a privilege, and it was great fun.”

The song Vaughn talks about is ‘Now and Then,‘ which is known as the last Beatles song.

‘Argylle’ Failed to Meet Expectations

Argylle,‘ which premiered in London on January 24, 2024, and saw its release in the United Kingdom and the United States shortly after, is Vaughn’s pandemic product, featuring an ensemble cast that reads like a who’s who of Hollywood.

Despite its global earnings of $43 million, ‘Argylle’ didn’t resonate well with critics, who pointed out flaws in its plot and lengthy runtime. However, Vaughn still has plans for a prequel, and additional sequels are already in motion.

Besides ‘Argylle,’ Vaughn shared some of his other ventures in the same interview. He’s planning a ‘Kick-Ass’ reboot, aiming for a fresh meta-universe approach. ‘Kingsman 3’ is on his docket as well. Vaughn is also thinking about creating a musical project — a trilogy that weaves together ‘School Fight,’ ‘Vram,’ and ‘Kick-Ass.’



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