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Millie Bobby Brown’s Wedding Will Be Officiated By Stranger Things Co-Star Matthew Modine

Brown asked her on-screen father to lead her wedding to Jake Bongiovi.

Matthew Modine recently talked to Access Daily and explained why he will officiate Millie Bobby Brown’s wedding to Jon Bon Jovi’s son. He revealed:

“I have one of those licenses to get people married. And Millie thought it’d be great, and then Jake said it would be a great idea, so I wrote the wedding vows and they loved what I wrote for them to join hands and to become husband and wife.”

The 65-year-old officiated one wedding before. He commented:

“It’s such a beautiful thing to be able to join two people in holy matrimony.”

The Couple’s Engagement News Came A While Ago

Millie Bobby Brown shared her engagement story on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in late February.

The actress previously kept quiet about the proposal details to keep their ‘key moments’ private. However, she decided to share the memory because it was ‘too good not to tell.’ It turns out Jake Bongiovi proposed to his fiancée underwater:

“He puts the ring on my hand and as I go to show him, the ring falls off my finger, plummets so fast. Jake threw himself into the water, like, so deep. Like, the diver was like, ‘You can’t do that. Your ears — literally, your brain will explode.’”

Brown first hinted at her engagement in an April 2023 Instagram post. The photo showed Bongiovi hugging her, and she seemed to be wearing an engagement ring.

Modine And Brown May Reunite Before The Wedding

Martin Brenner died in the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things.’ But the show will likely bring Modine and Brown back together for its fifth and final season. The actor told Radio Times last year:

“I hope that there’s some way to resuscitate Dr. Brenner and put him in season 5 because it would be wonderful to be part of the last season. Well, we didn’t really see him dead — he was just lying there in the dirt. He’s survived the Demogorgon, he survived Vecna in episode 1 of season 4…”

Brown and Bongiovi’s wedding date isn’t announced, but Eleven and the rest of the gang will return in 2025.



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