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Millie Gibson Is Out Of ‘Doctor Who’ After One Season, Her Replacement Is Announced

The Fifteenth Doctor will get an entirely new companion in his second season of the show.

Ncuti Gatwa started as the Doctor in the series’ 60th-anniversary episodes, and Millie Gibson joined him as Ruby Sunday in the Christmas special. Gibson will still be in the show’s 14th season this May, but she will leave the series in the 15th season due to undisclosed reasons.

Varada Sethu, known from ‘Jurassic World Dominion’ and ‘Star Wars: Andor,’ will replace the actress as the new companion. While the details about her character haven’t been released yet, a BBC source told The Mirror:

“Varada is a real gem; Russell [T Davies] was just blown away by her talent. The cast and crew have really warmed to her, and he’s sure the fans will too.”

About Gibson’s exit, the insiders shared:

“Millie Gibson has all but left now, and there’s a brand-new companion, which is really exciting. Russell is keeping things moving and isn’t letting the grass grow, that’s for sure.”

Fifteenth Is Set To Stay For Longer

The change of companion doesn’t seem to affect Ncuti Gatwa’s run in the series, as showrunner Russel T Davies implied his possible stay for the years to come by saying the upcoming season was a new start for ‘Doctor Who.’

About his part as the Doctor, the ‘Sex Education’ actor commented to Rolling Stone earlier last year:

“This person survived a genocide. This person fits in everywhere and nowhere. I am the Doctor. The Doctor is me. I decided that I had to get this role.”

He revealed what excited him the most about the upcoming episodes in a chat with The Inverse:

“Oh my God, so many things. There are so many iconic monsters that I want to face. I would love to face the Weeping Angels, and I would love to face the Daleks. I want to point my sonic screwdriver at a door, and it just magically opens. Lots of little intricate, silly moments that the Doctor has that just make it feel so ‘Doctory,’ I couldn’t wait to do.”

The next season of ‘Doctor Who’ will have guest stars like Jonathan Groff from ‘Glee’ and Indira Varma from ‘Obsession.’ Bonnie Langford will also return as Melanie Bush, a character known to long-time fans.


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