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Nucti Gatwa Breaks Silence Over Millie Gibson’s Sudden ‘Doctor Who’ Exit

Gatwa shared a message on Instagram showing his support for her decision.

In a recent Instagram story, Ncuti Gatwa, who stars as the Fifteenth Doctor in ‘Doctor Who,’ broke his silence after the departure of his co-star Millie Gibson.

Gibson, known for her role as Ruby Sunday, will make her last appearance in the show’s upcoming season, scheduled for a May 2024 release. While the reasons behind Gibson’s sudden exit remain undisclosed, Gatwa took to his Instagram Stories, sharing a photo of himself with Gibson, accompanied by a simple message:

“My lil [Gemini sign][heart emoji].”

The news of Gibson’s departure comes as ‘Doctor Who’ gears up for its new season, which will mark Gatwa’s first full series as the Doctor. Gatwa, who made his debut in December 2023 in the 60th-anniversary special ‘The Giggle,’ is the first black actor and the first actor born outside the United Kingdom to lead ‘Doctor Who. ‘

You can see Gatwa’s IG story below.

Photo Credit: Ncuti Gatwa – Instagram Stories

Who Will Replace Gibson in ‘Doctor Who’?

In light of Gibson’s departure, the show has already moved forward with casting Varada Sethu, known for her roles in ‘Star Wars: Andor’ and ‘Jurassic World Dominion’ as the Doctor’s next companion. While details about Sethu’s character are yet to be disclosed, production stills and footage of Gatwa and Sethu filming together indicate the rumors are possibly true.

The upcoming season of ‘Doctor Who’ is set to air on BBC One in the UK and Disney+ internationally in May 2024. In addition to Gibson’s exit, the season will feature guest appearances by Jonathan Groff, Indira Varma, and Bonnie Langford, returning as Melanie Bush.



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