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Raymond Lee Chooses The Ultimate Show For ‘Quantum Leap’ Crossover Episode

If the upcoming Season 2 of ‘Quantum Leap’ were to feature a crossover, which show would it be with? Raymond Lee shared his opinions on this in a recent interview.

‘Quantum Leap’ fans experienced a mix of excitement and curiosity as the show’s midseason finale aired on NBC on December 13. Adding to the anticipation, actors Raymond Lee and Caitlin Bassett headed to Egypt to shoot new episodes, hinting at more upcoming adventures.

In an interview with Screen Rant, Lee and Bassett discussed their roles and the changing dynamics between their characters in ‘Quantum Leap.’ During the chat, the Ben Song actor shared his idea for a crossover with another NBC show:

“I like ‘The Voice’ a lot. [Laughs] I’d love to be this surprise contestant that just blows everyone away. To have that sort of voice for an episode would be cool.”

His Co-Star’s Choice Was A Crime Drama

The 2022 reboot of ‘Quantum Leap,’ which picked up the story from the 1989 original, completed its second season recently. In the latest season finale, Bassett’s character Addison joined Ben on a leap to Egypt as his hologram.

Like Lee, she revealed her pick for a crossover by saying:

“I want to go to ‘SVU’ because I am a huge fan of Mariska Hargitay. Like a real big fan. I try not to be weird at NBC events. She has no idea. But I would love that because I think what she’s done on that show is just so impressive to me as a woman and actress. But I feel like that’s selfish because it’s more of a fan girl answer than it is a thoughtful like, ‘Who would you be?’ I think one of the comedies would be fun, too.”

The Crossover Between The Original And The Revived Show

The new ‘Quantum Leap’ series has made connections with its original version, featuring appearances from stars of other NBC shows like Melissa Roxburgh of ‘Manifest.’ The series also linked to its roots by including Georgina Reilly as the daughter of Al and Beth from the original series in its first season.

These story choices by showrunners Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt raised questions about potential appearances by original cast members, especially Scott Bakula, who played Sam Beckett. Bakula, speaking at the 2019 Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, hinted at a crossover idea involving his role in ‘NCIS’:

“Perhaps, when I finally leave ‘NCIS,’ in my last scene, it’ll have me leaping out.”

The details about the series’ future are still under wraps. With the new season still in production, no official release dates have been announced.



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