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Sony Rushes ‘Spider-Man 4’s Release After Box Office Fiasco

Sony faces pressure to quickly bring out ‘Spider-Man 4’ following the poor reception of ‘Madame Web.’ They aim to win back fans’ trust with a successful sequel.

As per CosmicMarvel, Sony Pictures is reportedly rushing the production of ‘Spider-Man 4’ amid growing concerns following the critical and commercial failure of ‘Madame Web.’

Recent reports suggest that negotiations between Sony and Marvel Studios have hit a standstill, with disagreements over the direction of ‘Spider-Man 4’ leading to production delays. The core of the dispute lies in the conflicting visions for the film’s storyline: Marvel Studios proposes a grounded narrative featuring Spider-Man and Daredevil against Kingpin, whereas Sony is leaning towards another dimension-hopping adventure, hoping to achieve the success of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ again.

Despite the creative differences, CosmicMarvel reports Sony wants to stick to its 2025 release plan, although Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has a busy schedule with other major projects. Their insistence possibly has roots in fan frustration over the production chaos, with many blaming Sony for the delays and lack of clarity surrounding the sequel. Besides, there has been pressure on Sony to deliver a successful follow-up to ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ as the company goes through a challenging phase of its partnership with Marvel Studios.

You can see CosmicMarvel’s tweet below.

Fans Say ‘Sony is the True Villain in MCU’

Upon hearing the news, fans have taken to social media to voice their concerns, with many urging Sony to rely on Kevin Feige’s vision for ‘Spider-Man 4,’ fearing that a hasty release could affect Tom Holland’s legacy as Spider-Man negatively:

“They need to back off and let Kevin Feige do his thing! Sony has already shown how bad they are when it comes to their own live-action Spider-verse. Madame Web is pretty much the final nail in the coffin of that disaster! The last thing we need is a rushed ‘Spider-Man 4,’ making things worse!”

Another fan wrote:

“Sony just wants a quick paycheck at the cost of Tom’s legacy as Spider-Man.”

One of the fans even argued that Sony should be thankful if they manage to benefit from their 2024 releases:

“Sony is in no position to try to strong-arm anyone. They’ll be lucky if they manage to scrape up $250 million between the three movies they’re releasing this year.”

In general, fans share a broader disappointment with Sony’s recent endeavors in the live-action Spider-verse, with ‘Madame Web’ often cited as a failed attempt. You can see the tweets below.

‘Spider-Man 4’ Will Feature a New Villain

In addition to the production and release woes, there is wide speculation about the potential villain for ‘Spider-Man 4.’

Rumors suggest a character never before seen in the movies, with Mr. Negative, voiced by Stephen Oyoung in Marvel’s Spider-Man video games, emerging as a fan-favorite candidate. Other sources argue Ned Leeds, Peter Parker’s best friend portrayed by Jacob Batalon, might transform into the supervillain Hobgoblin.

Sony’s fallout from ‘Madame Web,’ which was critically panned and dubbed one of the worst superhero movies to date, adds to the controversy.

The film’s performance has led to a negative reception of Sony’s handling of its Spider-Man Universe (SSU), especially after Sydney Sweeney, one of the film’s stars, expressed confusion over her role’s connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Details about ‘Spider-Man 4’s’ production and its eventual release date remain uncertain. What is clear, however, is that Sony finds itself tasked with not only mending its relationship with Marvel Studios but also restoring faith among Spider-Man fans.



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