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‘Spider-Man Lore Was A Burden Of Attachment’ ‘Madame Web’ Producer Says

The producer of ‘Madame Web’ said it was good to make a movie without the need to include Spider-Man. However, fans and critics were not happy with the final movie.

In a recent interview with Collider, ‘Madame Web’ producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura expressed a sense of liberation from the constraints of Spider-Man connections in the movie’s development.

Despite Cassandra Webb’s origins in the ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ comics, di Bonaventura and director S.J. Clarkson chose to tell a story that stands on its own merits. During the conversation with Collider, di Bonaventura explained:

“Before I was involved, there was a script, and before, S.J. was involved as well. Both of us really saw the advantage in not having the burden of the attachment of all this other stuff that has gone on. You’d be silly to think you don’t pay some homage to it and some acknowledgment, which we do, but it really freed us in a way to tell a pure story, I think. And so, for both of us, that allowed us to get into what I love about Dakota’s journey.”

According to the producer, this decision allowed for a more in-depth exploration of Dakota Johnson’s character and her story without the overshadowing presence of Spider-Man lore:

“It’s not just simply, ‘Well, I’m gonna stand up and become the hero.’ It’s, ‘I’m scarred. I don’t want attachment. I definitely don’t want responsibility for these three people. What the hell is happening to me? I’m going insane.’ And then, ‘What do I do now that I’m in this situation?’ So, for me, freeing ourselves from that obligation, in a sense, was very freeing and allowed us to do a more complex ride with the hero.”

‘Madame Web,’ which premiered last Wednesday and has since faced negative response from both fans and critics, represents a bold step for Sony Pictures in exploring the Marvel Universe without relying on Spider-Man’s direct involvement.

Was There ‘Any’ Connection Between ‘Madame Web’ and ‘Spider-Man’?

‘Madame Web’ introduces Ben and Mary Parker but maintains a distance from the Marvel and Sony Spider-Man movies to create its own narrative space. Set in 2003 before Spider-Man, ‘Madame Web’ focuses on Cassandra Webb’s mentorship of three young women, which differs from the traditional superhero storylines to offer a new perspective with female leads.

When asked if Spider-Man would appear in the movie, Johnson said the following:

“It’s her own world. It’s 2003, so it’s before Spider-Man even existed. So, he will not be in this movie. It’s a superhero world from a female perspective. No such thing [as Spider-Man].”

However, this approach has not been without controversy. Johnson’s inability to name any Spider-Man movies starring Tom Holland during a recent MTV interview has sparked debate among fans regarding her suitability for the role and her commitment to the Spider-Man universe.

This fueled memes and criticism due to the disconnect between the actress and the franchise she’s now a part of.

‘Madame Web’ has been criticized for its departure from expected Spider-Man ties and its overall quality. With descriptions ranging from an ’embarrassing mess’ to ‘the worst of the genre,’ it’s clear that the film’s attempt to stand alone has not met the expectations of many Marvel fans and critics.

Despite these challenges, the movie was promoted as a standalone project, perhaps in anticipation of mixed reactions to its unconventional approach to the Spider-Man universe.



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