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‘Spider Man’s Mary Jane Model Feels Unsafe Due To Fans ‘Stalking’ Her

The model behind Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man video games has recently raised concerns on social media about fans invading her privacy, including at her workplace.

In an Instagram Stories post, Stephanie Tyler Jones revealed that some fans of the Spider-Man games by Insomniac have made her feel ‘unsafe’ and ‘uncomfortable.’ She highlighted an incident where a fan went too far by calling her workplace and leaving several voicemails:

“Over the weekend, some followers crossed boundaries. One even went to the extent of calling my workplace and leaving multiple voicemails wanting to speak with me and requesting I call back, which is unacceptable and considered stalking.”

The Model Is Asking For Privacy

Jones became well-known as MJ in ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ on PS4, including its spin-offs and sequels. Although she ‘appreciated’ the positive response to her role, she has since moved away from acting and modeling, focusing on her work in skincare. So, her words went on:

“My skincare page is not for Spider-Man or MJ fans. Bottom line is that I came into work this morning and immediately felt unsafe and uncomfortable hearing those voicemails.”

In a plea for respect, the former model added:

“Please respect that I am a human being trying to make a living just like you, and I kindly ask for boundaries to not be crossed. Messages will not be answered; I will block you if you make me feel uncomfortable, and you can unfollow me if this disappoints you. Thank you.”

The Game Company Supports Her

Previously, there was a similar incident where a former intern at Insomniac Games faced a backlash due to her resemblance to MJ and was accused of being a ‘self-insert.’ That’s why, following Jones’ post, the company’s Community Director, James Stevenson, voiced his support, writing on X:

“I shouldn’t have to say this, but don’t harass game developers, voice actors, mo-cap performers, or face models (or anyone else). Don’t message them directly, and especially don’t track down phone numbers or personal information in an attempt to contact them.”

You can see Stephanie Tyler Jones and James Stevenson’s posts below.



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