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Taika Waititi’s ‘Time Bandits’ Gets Its First Official Trailer, And It’s Promising

The trailer for the ten-episode TV adaptation of Terry Gilliam’s 1981 fantasy film recently came out. The show is scheduled to start on July 24.

The new ‘Time Bandits’ trailer introduced the viewer to Lisa Kudrow’s Penelope leading a team of time-traveling thieves. A young boy named Kevin (Kal-El Tuck) met them after stepping through his wardrobe and joined them to steal history.

Apple described the crew’s adventures by saying:

“[They will] witness the creation of Stonehenge, see the Trojan Horse in action, escape dinosaurs in the prehistoric ages, wreak havoc during medieval times, experience the ice age, ancient civilizations, the Harlem Renaissance, and much more along the way.”

The trailer’s release followed a promo picture that arrived earlier this year through Entertainment Weekly.

The Show’s Crew Was A Fan Of Terry Gilliam’s Story

Taika Waititi, Jemaine Clement, and Iain Morris teamed up to create ‘Time Bandits.’ They also served as directors and executive producers for the series.

Waititi and Clement talked about the project in a chat with EW in May. The ‘Jojo Rabbit’ director recalled his experience with the original film as follows:

“It was just nothing I’d really ever seen before. I remember being freaked out by a lot of it. A lot of the kids’ films back then were not as inventive and imaginative.”

The Cast Was Involved In A Controversy

Charlyne Yi, Tadhg Murphy, Roger Jean Nsengiyumva, Rune Temte, Kiera Thompson, and Rachel House joined the cast along with Kudrow and Tuck. Waititi and Clement also appeared as Supreme Being and Pure Evil, respectively.

The team faced some accusations from Charlyne Yi earlier this year. They claimed an actor on set assaulted them and forced them to quit the project during filming.

Paramount Pictures later started an investigation on the matter. Meanwhile, a source said Yi was working with a third party to get additional payment. You can read more about the matter here.



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